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Parafrazandu-l pe Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier, nimic nu se pierde, totul se transforma. Acesta este indemnul meu catre voi, cele care aveti idei, putina indemanare si multa rabdare.

Cand eram mai mica trebuia sa renunt la rochita de care ma indragosteam peste vara pentru ca nu mai incapeam in ea in anul urmator, sau la fustita cu volonase pe care am putut sa o port doar 3 luni. Dar acum gata, daca imi place un obiect vestimentar il pot purta mai mult de un sezon. Daca nu mai este in tendinte sau nu imi mai satisface gusturile, nu este nici o problema….il transform in ceva nou.

Tot ce o sa vedeti in postat sub aceasta categorie sunt lucruri care au fost transformate sau remodelate. Primele exemple sunt legate de fashion:

– din 2 fuste am facut una singura

– o cascheta de marinar tunata (aplicatiile manuale)

– un hanorac barbatesc, model pe langa gat, ce a fost cambrat, stramtat la maneci si putin lungit (da, am mainile lungi :D, si oricum imi plac puloverele cu maneci foarte lungi) si pe care l-am taiat in V la gat si i-am pus dublura.

– o pereche de jeansi a fost transformata intr-o fusta mini putin conica.

Vor urma si alte proiecte, nu toate dintre ele fiind proiecte fashion, unele tin de decoratiuni interioare, accesorii si bijuterii.

Spor si la cat mai multa imaginatie!


Paraphrasing Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier, “nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything transforms”. And this is what I advise you to do, if you have the required skills, a lot of imagination and much more patience.

When i was just a child, I had to give up to early to my  little princess dress because I was growing up fast and the dress was too little to wear it more than one summer time. But now, all this is past gone. I can stick to my beloved jacket more than one season and if it ‘s no longer in trends, I can adjust it and make it fit to my wardrobe.

As  a wise people once said, “something old, something new”…but what if something new was a while ago something old?

All you’ll see on this page are things that have been converted or remodeled. The first examples are fashion related:

– from 2 skirts I made a single one

– A sailor hat-adjusted as to “match” the coat

–  A men’s sweatshirt tuned in one of my size

-A pair of jeans has been transformed into a slightly conical skirt.

Some other pieces of “art” will follow soon under this category and not all of them will be fashion related ;)

Good luck and be creative!

Skirt make-over

Fusta make-over

Tuned sailor hat

Sweater – from boyish to girlish look  :)

Old jeans became a mini skirt



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