Cooking time – trout and vegies

Gatesc. De nevoie, pentru ca sunt rasfatata destul de rar de calitatile culinare ale prietenului din dotare, pentru ca uneori e relaxant dar de cele mai multe ori de foame 🙂

Pentru prima data de cand fac experimente in bucatarie m-am decis sa gatesc pastrav la cuptor. Si sunt sigura ca nu va fi ultima data, caci rezultatul a fost delicios (nu pot decat sa ma laud singura, caci nu am avut cobai pe care sa ii folosesc la testat :D).

Reteta simpla, gasita undeva pe internet si adaptata la ingredientele pe care le detineam eu in camara (ingredientele sunt pentru doua portii):

– un pastrav de 200-250gr (sau 2 mai mici)

-o salota mica taiata rondele

– un catel de usturoi (maxim 2 daca va plac foarte mult)

– o rosie taiaia tondele

– 2-3 foi de busuioc proaspat (merge si uscat daca nu aveti proaspat)

– 2 foi de dafin

– 2-3 linguri de supa de ulei de masline

– 2-3 rondele de lamaie

– sare si piper dupa gust

Pastravul se curata de solzi si in interior, apoi se spala bine si se tamponeaza cu un servet absorbant. Intr-un bol se adauga toate celelalte ingrediente, mai putin cateii de usturoi si rondelele de lamaie, si se amesteca bine. Se trece pestele prin aces amestec si se umple in interior cu rosiile, feliile de salota, frunzele de dafin si cele de busuioc. Daca nu incap toate in interior le puteti aseza pe peste odata pus in tava de cuptor (eu folosesc folie de aluminium pentru a proteja tava, insa daca aveti un vas de yena sau un vas ceramic puteti sa il puneti direct in recipient). Rondelele de lamaie se aseaza peste peste iar feliile de usturoi se pun intre carnea pestelui si piele, pentru a o aromatiza. Asezati tava in cuptorul in prealabil incins la 240*C, si lasati-l pentru 10 minute. Se serveste cald cu garnituri si salate dupa pofta inimii. Nu se vede in poza, insa eu l-am servit cu o garnitura de salata verde.

Timp de preparare:  10′

Timp de gatire: 10′

Pofta buna!

Trout dish

Yes, I cook! Because I have to, because my personal chef is not always available, because it is a relaxing way to chill after a hard working day, but mostly because I’m hungry 😀

Since I started my culinary experiments, I have never cooked trout. Actually, besides salmon (which I find it easy to prepare), I’ve never dared to cook fish. I was kind of scared, because you need to be very careful not to overcook it, which is the worst you can do to it. After a quite tasty first attempt (I know it’s not good to brag about yourself, but this time I had no testers for my tryout) I will re-do my dish in the near future.

The recipe is simple, I found it while surfing over the internet to see how you can actually cook trout and then adjusted to my pantry resources 😀

For 2 plates you will need

– 1 trout (200 – 250gr) or 2 smaller ones

– a small shallot  cut into rounded slices

– 1 clove of garlic (up to 2 cloves if you like it a lot and you don’t have a romantic dinner :D)

– 1 tomato cut into slices

– 2-3 leaves of fresh basil ( you can use dehydrated one as well, though it will be less flavorsome )

– 2 bay leaves

– 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil

– 2-3 slices of lemon

– Salt and pepper

Remove the scales of the trout and clean the insides. Rinse under cold water and pat dry. In a large bowl add all the other ingredients, except the garlic cloves and lemon slices, and mix them well. Pass the fish through this mix and fill the cavities with the tomato slices, ​​shallot slices, the bay leaves and the basil. If you cannot fit all the mix inside, place the remainings over the fish and in the oven tray ( I use aluminum foil to protect my tray , but you can put it directly into the oven tray). Place the lemon slices over the fish and fit the garlic in between the fish meat and its skin, to flavor it. Cook it in a preheated oven (5 minutes at 240*C) for 10 minutes. Serve hot with side dishes and salads of your choice. I served mine with a fresh lettuce salad.

Preparation time : 10 ‘

Cooking time : 10 ‘

Bon appetit, as the French would say 😉 !


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