Fashion is ART

In zilele noastre, din ce in ce mai multe iubitoare de moda prefera sa isi tapeteze peretii locuintei cu diverse obiecte vestimentare sau accesorii de moda. Si de ce nu ar face-o? Unele piese vestimentare costa chiar mai mult decat un tablou al unui artist contemporan, asa ca le inteleg pe deplin.
Acum ceva vreme am vazut un tablou care m-a incitat foarte mult, desi era de marime destul de mica, ceva gen A5, pe un fond gri pal. Pantofii rosii ce tronau in mijlocul acelui tablou, aruncati parca la intamplare pe podeaua unui “dressing”, m-au atras din prima clipa. Nu am cumparat tabloul cu pricina, insa ma gandesc ca as putea sa imi etalez o parte din piesele de rezistenta ale garderobei personale pe pereti. Asa as repera mai usor si ce am in garderoba si as putea redecora constant, fara a ma plictisi de aceeasi imagine la nesfarsit.

Pana ma decid asupra redecorarii apartamentului personal, am creat un tablou, folosind polyvore, pentru decorarea acestui blog.

Fashion is ART

And this is an understatement, as nowadays, garments might be more expensive than an oil canvas of a contemporary artist. If you are a real fashionista, you know the trends for home interior design: use your most precious garments, jewelries and any kind of accessory to embellish the walls and shelves all over your house (or apartment).

I remember that some time ago I was attracted by a very simple framed picture of a red pair of stilettos. It had that something that made me stare at it for a while without knowing why. I didn’t buy it though it made me think that I could use my own wardrobe items to decorate my small humble apartment. I wouldn’t know which  garment I would like to showcase first, as I wouldn’t like the others to feel less of themselves (with all the modesty in the world, I’m a very considerate person :D) That would be a dilemma…

Using Polyvore, I’ve tried to imagine a fashion painting to see how would it feel on the walls of my blog (or how my +1 would react of me having such creative ideas for the future common living space :D).

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