Shoe questions


C Louboutin PIgalle Spikes

Why the perfect pair of pointy toe heels needs to be the source of tremendous pain and foot injuries that heal in more than 1 week? (Because this pain makes you remember why you bought them and you wore them :D)

C Louboutin sling-backs

Why, when we buy shoes we cannot choose, besides the size, the width of the shoes? (Only men can have these merits, and it is true, they can only do it when choosing their suits, but we don’t have this choice with the garments either)

Valentino’s yellow heels

Why women prefer to die in pain wearing the most uncomfortable pair of shoes from their wardrobe instead of choosing the comfort of a less attractive one? (The higher the pain, the beautiful you think you are :D)

Saint Laurent Hells

If heels are the reincarnation of an animal, which one do you think they are? (Sharks…or crocodiles…they are grabbing your feet and leave you in excruciating pain)

Isabel Marant phyton effect sandals

If you were a shoe for a day, what kind of shoe would you be? (The most uncomfortable flats in the feet of a shoe designer, hoping that after a day with me a new shoe concept is born)

Miu Miu crystal pumps

Would shoes change their attitude towards women if they would have a soul? (No pain, no gain…or in other words…we will always remember pain rather than the happy moments)

Jimmy Choo crystal sandals

(Sources – click on the images)

Signed – happy feet (so you would think :D)

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