Travel Diary – Italy (I)

Naples streets

I will continue this travel series with my most recent experience – Campania region in South of Italy, more precisely Naples, Capri and the City of Pompeii.

It was not my first time in Italy, so I knew that locals are a bit more noisy and chaotic (I apologize to my very good Italian friends, but they know this is true :D). My fist hours in Naples made me dizzy and give me a headache due to the noisy streets, the constant traffic jams and messy traffic lights, way  to crowded surroundings, people moving too fast and screaming all the time, construction sites everywhere you go. I’m not going to say how disappointing it was to see the dirty streets and buildings, as you are going to see it through the picture gallery:

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During our stay there, we booked one day to discover the City of Pompeii. I don’t know about you, but during the history classes in school, I’ve learn all about ancient history, City of Pompeii being included there. Therefore, being in the neighborhood, it was something not to be missed from our check list 🙂

Some useful information for those that may want to do this visit: there are trains going from Naples Garibaldi train station to Pompeii in less than 1h. The best is to check this website for the exact timetable. The train station that you would like to reach is called Pompeii Scavi (leaves you to the main entrance in the city of ruins).

Once you reach the Pompeii Scavi train station, you need to pay attention to the signs that will redirect you to the ticket office. If you want a guided tour, you can buy it with 12€ ticket/person from the ticket office which is right on the station platform as you get off the train. Those 12€ ticket does not include the entrance into the city of ruins, for which they will charge you an extra 11€/person. The first amount is just for the guide. If you wish to visit the place at your own pace, my advice is to pass through the mass of tourists that are gathered there and make your way towards the real ticket office. There you have also the possibility to buy an audio guide for 5-6€/person (5€/person for groups bigger than 2 persons). To be sure you’ll not get lost in the old city, you will also receive a map with the main points to be visited, points for which you have audio stories, in case you choose that option of course 😉

Needless to say I fall into the “tourist trap” and took the 12€ guided tour. They won’t tell you paid for the guide only, so we thought we had the entrance ticket covered as well. We didn’t had a good experience from this point of view. All the stories our guide was telling in a poor English were either annoying or not reliable.

However, the City of Pompeii is a place to visit for sure. I’m not going to tell you story about it, as you can find plenty of it with a simple search on the 3w world 😉 I will leave you with some photos i took during my guided visit:

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As we didn’t really connect with the Naples city itself and we were eager to see how the islands life look like, next day we went by ferry in Capri. The boat trip takes no longer than 40min-1h and can be pleasant for those that don’t experience motion sickness 😀 For the rest of you, my only advice is either try to sleep or stay more to the center of the boat.

The island is beautiful and there are places (walking distance from the port) from where you can discover amazing panoramic views over the see and the island. You just need a bit of sun to do so (we were lucky that after lunch time the storm was over and the sun was up and shinning 🙂 ).

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Until the next travel diary episode, I will let the pictures speak for themselves 🙂



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  1. gretel24p says:

    Great photos! Italy is so beautiful

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