Weekend snapshots

As always, the weekend felt way too short, and, when unforeseen events  happen, every minute counts and we are trying to make the most of it. All in all, we had a beautiful outdoor time as summer is just around the corner and the spring has finally come to town and we did what we like best – we cooked 🙂

1) tango demonstration in front of European Commission HQ (EU open doors entertainment)

2) Pride Parade took out the city center of Brussels

3) Feeding ducks in Park Leopold

4) Petanque championship in Park Elisabeth

5) Roses to cheer me up and motivate me for another working week

6) and 7) Weekend cook-off (recipes will follow soon)



About Ab'yz

Get up and smile to the sun! It's a petty not to enjoy each day, each sunrise, each moonlight...things will never be the same as they are now, in this very moment...enjoy the world, enjoy the people arround you, enjoy you!
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3 Responses to Weekend snapshots

  1. Zadin says:

    Ce mult îmi plac aceste iniţiative de dans în aer liber.
    Am văzut ceva similar când am vizitat Parisul şi mi-a plăcut că nimeni nu are crispat de curioşii adunaţi de jur împrejur. Era ca un spectacol cu intrare gratis.

    • Ab'yz says:

      Stiu ca in Bucuresti mai erau initiative de acest fel in cadrul festivalelor de genul Street Delivery. Din pacate nu stiu daca exista si in alte orase in Romania.
      Parisul este oricum o “scena” care adaposteste multe talente artistice (cam pe la fiecare colt de strada, cel putin in locurile mai aglomerate, cu mult public 🙂 )

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