A poem a day (2)

Little lady

Enjoy the weekend!


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A poem a day

As I’ve been recently challenged by one good friend of mine, I’ve started writing down the poems I read/ compose for my little Thya.

The one of today is in Romanian, but French or English compositions will follow, depending on my mood, and inspiration of the day 🙂


Maimuta Gina


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New beginnings

Hello world,

Long time no writing on this virtual personal journal of mine.

I’ve stayed out of it as I’ve found it way too hard to talk about fashion, though it doesn’t mean I haven’t stay tuned on what is going on in the industry.

It was difficult to find my words to detail the beauty of the places I’ve been too, even though my travels were amazing – either because of the new places I’ve discovered, either because the places meant meeting with my dear good friends or family.

And yes, I haven’t stop eating either, which means I still use my stove and oven from time to time (I do have to admit that my better half is using more the kitchen for cooking delicious meals, me I mostly do the cleaning after :D)

However, 6 months and a half ago, my life changed completely, my days and nights got a new meaning and my heart a new owner ❤

It took me a while to come back to writing, but I’m more and more inspired by the pure innocence that surrounds me lately.

Therefore, I’ll start filling in more white pages around here 😉

In the meantime, I enjoy every moment I can spend with my bundle of joy, the owner of my heart, my sweet little Thya ❤

little Thya



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Easy DIY ideas for home

For holiday parties and not only, here are some ideas you can use to boost the interior of your home:

Candle Pillars Made from Cinnamon SticksCinnamon sticks as candle pillars. Great idea to cope with the cold winter and resist until spring.

Downside – it’ll be very difficult to desist from eating apple pie all winter long.



Glass Vases Filled With SaltGlass vases filled with salt. As I’m very superstitious, I did this in the past, but used sugar instead of salt and added potpourri on top.


Nordic style homeFluffy couch covers and pillows. I have at least 1 or 2 covers on my couch almost all the time (even in the summer, as the nights are a bit chilly around here). During the winter I add a bit more of those and some puffy pillows that invites you to have a nap and the job is done.



River rock boots trail. Easy to do and actually useful not only for the wither but during the whole wet season(s). This is on my to do DIY list for sure.




Creamy Chicken Pot Pie Soup | Cooking with a WallflowerCreamy chicken pot pie soup. I love eating warm soups during winter and I try to do as often as my time allows me to. I just stumble upon this recipe and cannot wait to try it out. Once all the above projects are finished a bowl of hot soup can be a good rewarding 😉



Sources – pinterest, click on the pictures

Enjoy the cold season and make the most of the time spent in your cozy homes!


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Xmas Carols (part 2)

As told you in my previous post I got involved in this campaign and I’ve managed to register myself (kind of) singing the requested Romanian Xmas Carol…please don’t judge to harsh, I’m no Adele nor Mariah Carey and I promise I’ll never search for a carer in this area 😉

While searching for the perfect spot in the small city I live in to do the video I couldn’t resist taking pictures of some of the beautiful decorations – once again, I’m mesmerized by the amount of energy and work people around here are putting in decorating their houses and their work places. No matter how foggy the weather is and how much the temperatures drop, the sky is full of stars and the lights are warming up the surroundings!

Enjoy the small photo-gallery!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sources: personal gallery


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Xmas Carols

Do you sing Xmas Carols?

I do, and not only in December, but I also do it in August, around my birthday – I cannot give you a good reasoning for this :-D. But I can give you a good resoning for singing Carols before 10th of December.

For each video showing off your singing talents and uploaded here , a pair of boots goes to a child that needs it. If you love shoes, think about the little ones that need them 😉

All the details regarding this charity action can be found here.

I’ll be back soon with the proof of me singing carols, but until then, enjoy a much better performance:

p.s. It’s been a while since I’ve manage to push on the “publish” button on this virtual home of mine. There are many posts waiting to reach the www world and hope they will be published before the year ends 🙂


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OOTD – Is already Monday?

Is already Monday?

Doublju colorblock dress / Fat Face blue jacket / Vans white low top shoes/ Boohoo aztec print backpack / Chan Luu bracelet bangle/ Bracelet bangle / Humble Chic cord bracelet / TOMS striped glasses


Though this Monday caught me in a stiff outfit in the office, I dream about a lazy one

  • when noon time is for brunch and not for lunch
  • when I have nothing to do but to enjoy the silence of a flourish garden while lost in reading
  • when nap time is just after brunch time…

I could go on and on about it but I have to go back to real world.

Enjoy the week and make it count!



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